Amber Naturalny

Amber Naturalny is an unpasteurized lager beer. It is inspired by the brewing traditions of the Pomeranian region. The lack of pasteurization and high malt extract give Amber Naturalny a rich, deep and distinctive flavor. It is made using the traditional method of brewing only barley malt, hops and water from our own deep wells. The result is a natural, expressive, bread-like flavor with a hint of bitterness.

Lager is the most popular bottom-fermented beer style in the world. Thanks to us, it gained an unusual version. The beer was unpasteurized from the very beginning. This makes it retain the unusual character of fresh beer.

The history of the lager goes back to the Middle Ages. It is a bottom fermented beer aged at low temperatures. In German, the word “Lagerung” means aging. In the Middle Ages, beer was “laged” in cool places, such as in caves. In the nineteenth century, that is, before the appearance of appropriate refrigerators, German brewers dug cellars specially for the aging of beer. They filled them with ice from nearby lakes and rivers, which allowed the beer to cool in summer (also because for a long time brewing in summer was prohibited in most of the country). The spread of lager is closely related to the development of refrigeration. As a result, it could be brewed on a larger scale throughout the year.

We have been brewing Amber Natural since 2010.

Perfect as an addition to lean meat dishes. It goes well with blue cheeses.

Serve in a glass at 8-10°C.

Ingredients aromatic and bitter hops; barley malt; bottom-fermenting yeast from own propagation station
Brewing method traditional; bottom fermentation
Pasteurization no
Style lager
Color amber
Best before date 90 days
Extract 12,2%
ABV 5,7%

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