Amber Pils Beer

Traditional and highly hopped beer. Bright and clear pils with a unique aroma. Cold hopped with Polish hops.

Fans of hop bitterness will be delighted with its aroma and taste. Like all our beers, Amber Pils is brewed only from natural ingredients. We season it with four types of domestic hops. Lubelski is the most famous Polish hops. Its aromatic variety gives the beer a clean hoppy aroma. The aromas of Marynka and Puławski hops are complemented by delicate herbal, citrus and resin notes. Sybilla is a noble Polish variety that works great in lagers and pils. The right proportions of the best ingredients are responsible for the harmony of taste and aroma, and the balanced bitterness is pleasantly refreshing.

The name of the pils style comes from the Czech city of Pilsen, which started brewing beers around 1295. Until the 19th century, these were top-fermented beers.

Lager yeast, characteristic of the pils style, only appeared in the 19th century. In 1842, the new Bavarian brewer, Josef Groll, changed the recipe of the beer produced there in the city brewery. While it was brewed, pale malt dried in low-temperature was added to it. Later this malt was called Pilsen. This is how the recipe of the first ever Pils, i.e. perfectly clear beer was created.

We have been brewing our Amber Chmielowy Pils since 2013.

It works well as an addition to smoked and grilled meats and salami. It makes a great combination with all cheeses: blue, baked, fried.

Serve in a glass at 8-10°C.


water from own deep water intakes; pale barley malt; aromatic and bitter hops; bottom-fermenting yeast from own propagation station

Brewing method traditional; bottom fermentation
Pasteurization yes
Style pils
Color light straw
Best before date 270 days
Extract 11,3%
ABV 5,0%

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