Koźlak appreciated in the USA


Our Koźlak won the 3rd place in the “Traditional German Bock” category at the 8th New York International Beer Competition (NYIBC) in the United States.

The competition held in New York is a bit different from the rest of the international competitions of this type, as the NYIBC jury consists only of people who work in the beer trade on a daily basis. Traders, distributors, importers, people working in the broadly understood gastronomy – all of them sit on the panel and conduct a blind beer test. According to the organizers, this gives the competition a new quality. Judges, whose daily work and maintenance depend on their skills and understanding of the industry, know exactly what the expectations of consumers are, as they systematically receive information from them.

This year’s edition of the competition attracted over 600 applications from 14 countries. Koźlak took third place in the “Traditional German Bock” category. This means that the jury appreciated several issues in it. The idea behind the competition is to select beers that are not only characterized by excellent taste, aroma and other characteristics appropriate to their style. A jury of traders only judges the beers on whether they would like to import, distribute and sell them themselves based on product quality and price.