Bezalkoholowe IPA

Bezalkoholowe IPA is a pale beer with a distinct bitterness and a fresh citrus-resinous and fruity aroma. It owes its characteristic flavor to the unique composition of American and Polish hops: Citra, Sabro, Cascade, Marynka, and Sybilla. Cold hopping enhanced the bouquet of aromas.

India Pale Ale, a beer style native to Great Britain and the United States, started a beer revolution in our country. The intense hop flavor with a noticeable bitterness quickly won the connoisseurs’ palate and became one of the favorite New Wave beers in Poland.

It is an ideal proposition for all those who appreciate the refreshing, hoppy aroma of light beer and the minimum restrictions resulting from the absence of alcohol.

We have been brewing non-alcoholic IPA since 2020.

Serve in a simple nonic pint glass at 8-10°C.

Ingredients water from own deep water intakes; barley malt; hops: Citra, Sabro, Cascade, Marynka, Sybilla; yeast from own propagation station
Brewing method

dry hopping; a special method of fermentation


yes; unfiltered

Style India Pale Ale
Color bright, straw-colored, iridescent
Best before date 270 days
ABV less than 0.5%

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