Marango is a combination of light lager and passion fruit and mango juice. The low alcohol content gives it a refreshing character and at the same time is sufficient to make sure that it is a real beer.

Light lager is an extremely popular beer in the United States, Japan, the Czech Republic and Germany. It does not cause a feeling of heaviness, it is great refreshing, hydrating and relaxing. In combination with tropical fruits, it creates a great pair and surprises with refreshment. The use of mango and passion fruit gives an exotic, summer character and proves that beer with juice does not have to be boring.

Marango perfectly breaks the taste of grilled dishes or bonfire dishes with its delicacy, which is why it is perfect for picnics, trips to the lake or relaxing in the garden. It goes well with exotic sauces such as sweet chilli, teryaki or even curry.

We have been brewing Marango since 2022.

Serve in a nonic pint glass at 8-10 ° C.


water from own deep water intakes, barley malt, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated passion fruit juice, concentrated mango juice, natural mango and passion fruit flavors, hops, vitamin C, yeast from own propagation station

Brewing method

traditional; bottom fermentation



Style lager
Color amber
Best before date 270 dni
Extract 12%
ABV 4,5%

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