Hops are not the only thing that is important in beer. This is just one element of many. Therefore, in the era of admiration for hops, it is sometimes worth looking at beers that focus more on malts.

We did it and we brewed our Koźlak, or Bock. An unique beer with a characteristic ruby ​​color and an essential caramel-hoppy flavor. The durable, fine-bubble head is light and only slightly tinged with the color of the beer. The aroma, of course, has hints of malty, reminiscent of dark bread. In addition, a delicate plum and raisins. Strong malt flavors are well-balanced with bitterness.

The Polish name “koźlak” is a translation from German, where “bock” means a goat. The word “bock” itself comes from the Hanseatic city of Einbeck in northern Germany. This is where, since the 13th century, strong top-fermented beer has been brewed using wheat malt and barley malt. Almost every inhabitant of this city was involved (directly or indirectly) in brewing. Great importance was attached to the quality of the beer, so the beer was always tasted before being sold. The one that did not pass the “check” was simply poured out. Such good and even quality gained fame and popularity outside the country.

We have been brewing Koźlak since 2003.

It works well as an addition to smoked and grilled meats and salami. It makes a great combination with all cheeses: blue, baked, fried. It also works well as an addition to desserts and ice cream.

Serve in a tulip glass at 12-14°C.

Ingredients water from own deep water intakes; pale and caramel barley malts; aromatic and bitter hops; bottom-fermenting yeast from own propagation station
Brewing method bottom fermentation; long aging
Pasteurization yes
Style bock
Color ruby red
Best before date 270 days
Extract 15,1%
ABV 6,5%

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