Amber Wheat

Wheat beer full of the aromas of fresh ripening grain and crispy bread. It is one of the oldest styles of beer in Europe, which, thanks to Amber Wheat, is regaining its Polish character. Amber Wheat inspired by the centuries-old tradition of brewing this beer in Pomerania is a beer in which classic banana and clove notes harmoniously merge with a slightly hoppy bitterness. Brewed using the top fermentation method. Naturally cloudy.

It is brewed using the top fermentation method. This means that special yeast strains are used for its production. They cause the fermentation process to take place at a higher temperature, and the beer contains a greater amount of esters, which are the key to the characteristic, richer bouquet. The aroma features classic notes of ripe bananas and cloves, harmoniously balanced by bitterness. Light, straw color. Delicate, refreshing taste. The lack of filtration makes the beer naturally cloudy. It has abundant head, characteristic for the style.

The history of wheat beer goes back to the beginnings of brewing. From the Sumerians, through Babylonians, Egyptians, to brewers in monastery and court breweries. It was also known in Poland from the earliest times and dominated until the 18th century. Only the popularization of the bottom fermentation method made barley beers popular, which successively displaced wheat beers from the Polish market, but also in Europe. We bring the tradition back to life with our Amber Wheat.

We have been brewing Amber Wheat since 2012.

Wheat beers in German are “Weißbier”, or white beer. And just like white wines, our Amber Wheat is a great addition to fish, seafood or baked vegetables. This combination emphasizes the taste of the dishes.

Serve in a weizen glass at 8-10°C.

Ingredients water from own deep water intakes; wheat malt, barley malt; aromatic and bitter hops; top-fermenting yeast from own propagation station
Brewing method traditional; top fermentation; long aging
Pasteurization yes
Style wheat
Color light, straw-colored, cloudy
Best before date 180 days
Extract 12,1%
ABV 5,2%

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