Black Elder Beer

A combination of classic lager with elderberry syrup, which is harvested by hand at the turn of May and June. Natural and unique summer flavor in a bottle.

Our classic lager has an unusual combination with elderberry flower syrup. This beer is seasonal, just like elderberry. Refreshing taste with fruity notes and floral aromas. The characteristic taste and the extremely rich aroma of flowers is a new look at the classics. The result is an ideal proposition for connoisseurs and admirers of new products.

Elderberry flower syrup is a synonym of unique taste and properties.

For a long time known only in Polish homes. The one that is added to the traditional lager is prepared according to the flagship recipe of Master Hieronim Błażejak. He is one of the most recognized specialists in the art of composing tinctures, syrups and juices in Poland. The result is an ideal proposition for connoisseurs and admirers of regional recipes.

In order to create an excellent flavored beer, we tried many combinations of traditional lager with unusual additives. The elderflower won, which so far has not been found in Polish brewing. He surprised us with the originality of flavors and properties. The flowers are picked by hand in May/June. Every year we look forward to this moment, to always be ready for the season and deliver the perfect fresh beer for the summer.

We have been brewing Amber Black Elder Beer since 2013.

The combination of a slightly sweet taste with salty dishes always gives a good result. In addition, it will be a great addition to light chicken dishes and to salads or salmon.

Ingredients water from own deep water intakes; barley malt; elderberry flower juice 2% vol. (elderberry flowers, water, sugar, lemons); hops: bitter, aromatic; bottom-fermenting yeast from own propagation station
Brewing method traditional bottom fermentation

yes; slight cloudiness due to the addition of juice


lager with elderberry flower juice

Color light amber
Best before date 180 days
Extract 12,8%
ABV 5,5%

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