Zanzi is the non-alcoholic version of Marango, which we launched in May 2022. It is a combination of non-alcoholic beer and passion fruit and mango juices. Its light and refreshing taste is due to the use of modern methods of isolating alcohol from beer – the American hops used in the beer are responsible for the citrus notes, and the straw color is a proof of its lightness.

Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Passion fruit is a South American indigenous fruit that has long been cultivated in tropical Asia. Together, they form the world-famous sweet and sour duo of flavors, which, in combination with non-alcoholic beer, guarantees maximum refreshment.

Zanzi perfectly complements chicken or turkey dishes with its tropical-citrus flavor. It also works great with salads or baked vegetables. It goes well with light and vegetarian dishes, as it does not overwhelm their delicate taste. It goes well with exotic sauces such as sweet chilli, terijaki or curry. Zanzi is perfect for picnics, lake excursions or relaxing in the garden.

Zanzi warzymy od 2022 roku.

Serve in a glass at 6–8 ° C.


water from own deep wells, barley malt, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated passion fruit juice, concentrated mango juice, hops: Citra, Cascade, Marynka, Sibyl, natural aromas of mango and passion fruit, vitamin C, yeast from own propagation station

Brewing method

traditional; bottom fermentation



Style non-alcoholic lager
Color light straw
Best before date 270 days
ABV less than 0,5%

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