American Pale Ale is a refreshingly bitter beer with an aroma of citrus and tropical fruit with characteristic resin notes. The distinctive aroma comes from American hops: Chinook, Cascade and Citra, which are based on a solid, malt base. Fruity esters and resin notes refresh and emphasize the dry character of the beer. Cold hopped beer.

The term “pale ale” comes from Great Britain. It used to describe English beers that weren’t as dark as the then popular stouts. However, during the US beer revolution, pleasant, bitter beers gained popularity and the American Pale Ale style based on New Wave hops was developed. They give the beer characteristic citrus and resin notes and distinct bitterness. In this way, craft breweries differed from large concerns.

We have been brewing APA since 2016.

The citruses in the aroma make this beer suitable for light salads and even desserts such as fruit cakes. APA is also an excellent proposition for homemade burgers.

Serve in a simple nonic pint glass at 8-10°C.


water from own deep water intakes; malts: pale ale and pale Pilsner type; hops: Chinook, Cascade, Citra; top-fermenting yeast from own propagation station

Brewing method

traditional; top fermentation


yes; unfiltered

Style American Pale Ale
Color amber, cloudy
Best before date 270 days
Extract 12,1%
ABV 5,2%

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