About the brewery

The history of our brewery dates back to 1993. It was then that the construction of the Amber Brewery began in Bielkówko, designed by Władysław Dylkowski – the author of numerous brewing textbooks.

A year later, on November 24 to be exact, we brewed our first beer – Amber Green lager.

From the very beginning, our goal was to create a brewery that would be strongly associated with the region and associated with Pomerania.

The series of craft beers was started in 2003 by Koźlak. The Żywe beer followed a year later, and the Golden Lions came in 2007. We brewed successive beers at the speed of light, not forgetting their high quality, which is confirmed by numerous awards received by our flagship brands, including Amber Wheat or Grand Imperial Porter.

In 2011, together with the Gdańsk Museum, we launched Johannes – a lager, whom we considered as a tribute to Jan Heweliusz, Gdańsk astronomer and brewer. The proceeds from the sale of this beer were allocated to the purchase of exhibits for the museum.

In 2010, we brewed Amber Natural for the first time. 3 years later, Amber Pils joined him, creating a series of premium lagers.

In 2015, the first craft beer from the limited series Po Godzinach (After Hours) was launched.

We are also the organizer of the largest beer festival in northern Poland – AMBER FEST.

It’s not over yet! We are constantly developing, looking for new flavors and at the same time cultivating the brewing traditions of Pomerania.